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Keeping your furniture dust-free during refurbishment & construction

Without protection prior to construction or refurbishment work, dust contamination is notoriously difficult to clean. It can become permanently engrained in some furniture and even cause damage to appliances.

With our dust protection and control service in London, we can protect your valuable items and ensure that, once the work in your property is done, every protected item will be left spotlessly clean, unscathed and dust-free.

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"Lilli and her staff have been my (life-saving) cleaners for 3 years. The service has been friendly, thorough, reliable and efficient. I can’t think of a higher compliment and would recommend them to anyone."

James Corbett
Holborn, London

"Lilli’s cleaners and support staff are simply great! They are professional and thorough and our sites always look great when they’ve been."

Andrew Abdulezer
Hillgate House LLP

"Anabelle is always on time. She is intuitive and takes initiative. She is also incredibly helpful. She finds missing toys and other things that I thought were long gone, so I know she’s not just “surface cleaning”. She is also very kind and friendly. I have to compliment you on your staff selection. Both Rita and Anabelle are lovely people and reflect very positively on your company."

Jenny Lupa
Hampstead Village

"Since October 2010, Lilli has provided weekly domestic cleaning for my house in London SW1. All the cleaners supplied have been excellent and there has never been a problem regarding cancellation if I had to go away unexpectedly, or if I required extra hours of cleaning when necessary."

Hugh Canham
SW1, London

"We have used Lilli London Cleaning for our builder’s and sparkle cleans for nearly three years now, and have been impressed by their high standards, punctuality, and competitive pricing."

Annabel Redfearn
Contracts Department Manager - du Boulay

"Lilli and her team have been helping me for more years than I care to remember! But the quality of their service and level of customer support has been consistently unbeatable. I don’t know what I do without her!"

Vicky Daubenay

"When I met Lilli back in 2008 I had been living in London for four years, and during this time to find good help with housework proved to be extremely difficult. I’ve been a client ever since and I am extremely grateful for the personal care this company puts at work, which allows me and my family enjoy our home at its very best."

Maria W
West London

"Excellent standard of cleaning: reliable, professional, friendly."


Builders Dust

1). Understanding dust protection

Contrary to popular belief, dust doesn’t just settle down from above. The tiny particles are be picked up and carried by natural air flow through the room. This means that draped plastic sheets are ineffective, as dust can float down, up and underneath the cover to settle on your expensive furniture or equipment.

These particles are often undetectable by the naked eye and can float through even the smallest gaps. No protection at all will result in a thick build-up of dirt and dust, but even moderate protection, such as draped sheets, will still not keep everything completely dust-free.

2). Applying dust protection and control

Firstly, we will work to understand the situation, including the items or surfaces requiring protection, the work being carried out, and even the type of dust which is likely to be released. Every item will then be carefully wrapped with durable dust sheeting and completely sealed with tape. This ensures air-tight protection, which is the only way to truly prevent dust exposure.

We can provide dust protection in London for a whole range of items and environments, including floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, upholstery, fixtures, fittings, equipment and more.

With experience of cleaning delicate and valuable items such as antiques, your items will also be safely handled from start to finish.

Dust protected furniture
Dust-free property in London

3). Post protection

When the work is complete and the source of dust is eliminated, a very careful procedure is required to remove the protection without unsettling the dust and contaminating the items involved.

Once removed, the protective materials are correctly disposed of with a post-protection inspection and tidy.

The result? All of your protected items are left clean and dust-free.

Our London dust protection can be provided as a stand-alone service, or incorporated into our after builders cleaning for a complete property care solution during construction or refurbishment work.

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